I can do this all night.

From childhood I dreamed of being a pastry cook.

Are you sure your parents will allow you to go?

I want to know when Louise will be back.

Mr Suzuki is not a dentist but a physician.

I said stay here.


Will there be any food at the party?

She was taking a nap all the time.

I won't be here next month.

Can I get by the guard?

My father takes a bath before supper.

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I would like to propose a toast on your birthday.

Sjaak didn't believe that Prakash was capable of doing such a thing.

I'm glad it's not me.

This song is not loved by girls.

Physicists discovered that atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating.

Mikael made me sing.

Playing with other's confusion it's a good weapon.


Take care.


He acquired Russian quickly.

Dimitry doesn't think Carole is saying what she really thinks.

Do you think it'll rain today?

Please don't write to me again.

You have done what you needed to do.

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This can't be the way to do it.

We're really proud of Jarvis.

Kathryn says he doesn't remember anything.


Shankar tried to thwart Leads's plans.


Of course, I have to tell Joachim.

It's been three weeks since Fletcher broke his arm.

It's getting late.


I turned in my paper yesterday.


We believe it.

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Mother gets up earliest every morning.

Do Native Americans still speak in their languages when they meet in festivals?

You may link to this webpage freely.


These are genuine.

Are you saying this is my fault?

This room smells musty.


He was elected mayor.


Gil laughs like a girl.


Douglas started to empty his pockets.

It's almost time for us to go.

We had her under surveillance.

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Ed, Perry and John are all here.

The situation got out of their control.

I didn't have enough money to buy everything you asked me to buy.

Debi used to be a professional baseball player.

You must apologize for what you said.

I want to drink coconut milk.

Would you ever consider going out with someone like me?

I bought the book yesterday.

In Japan, radioactive cesium was detected in baby formula.

He will follow you.

Jess made himself at home.

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I know the drill.

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I have to pay high rates to the boarding.


Tell her that I am having a nap.

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I'm pretty sure Kathy hasn't gone home yet.

He had the stupidity to try to help Carlo.

I used to love swimming when I was a kid.

The Oxford comma is awkward, unnecessary, and cannot be carried over to languages other than English.

We were worried.

I don't think it's a trick.

I've been there, and it's not all it's cracked up to be.


Don't fumble with anything during an interview.


There's a monster in my closet.

He's friendly with everyone in his class.

She is used to traveling.

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You told Takao where to find me, didn't you?

We deepened our friendship.

Liza made a strategic error.

You have a very impressive operation here, Kent.

When I give you an order, I expect it to be carried out.

A sparrow is very alert in its movements.

Fred sold his house in Boston a long time ago.

Mike is nothing but a child.

I haven't liked anything I've seen so far.


Who do you think is going to get married next?


The American people elected Mr. Clinton President.

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Mr. Wood came to the door and spoke to Tony's mother.

Tricia began to shout.

Damone owns a blue car.

My appetite was large.

I'll meet you right after school.

Gideon can't leave Boston until next Monday.

This is the first time I've ever called Marika back.

Maureen felt confused.

Her cousin lives in the U.S.

The most popular game in the world is made by Swedes.

Finally, I've found her.

That's a wise decision.

We have a community with wonderful people.

What is the date today?

I only care about him.

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This morning I got up at four so as to be in time for the first train.

Would you like to go for a walk with me?

I only read the first three chapters.

Hector is the oldest of the three boys.

We are always conscious of the signs.


He's kind of shy.


Rudolf can swim, can't he?

Put away your wallet.

Children have to learn foreign languages.

This is a great question.

He looked miserable.

I've learned a lot about Lanny.

What I like best is going on Ferris wheels.

You wouldn't like Holly.

Our surplus has swelled by nearly ten percent in this quarter.

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I felt like reading the detective story.


You're in quite a mood today.

Almost all of the pupils were in the classroom.

Do you have any in red?

Her car collided with a bus from behind.

Get rid of her.


Please be ready in fifteen minutes.

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This lion is very tame.

Daniele was able to solve the problem in three minutes.

How has Cynthia changed?

At first sight this problem seems easy, but in fact it's difficult.

Come to Romania again.

I thought Frederic would make snacks for us.

Jimmy collapsed into his chair.

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He hates running.

I just did what you asked me to do.

Mr Basri loves his wife.

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He was cast as Hamlet.

Sharon told me how to get to the theater.

Don't you see what's happened?

Every time we go hiking, he falls behind.

How many dates did you go on last month?

I like the fresh air.

I expect him to come every moment.

The night is hot.

If circumstances were different, he might have asked her out on a date.

I've never heard Marsha sing.

Shatter is seeing a psychotherapist.

Are you ready now?

When I was small, my father used to throw me up in the air.

I suggest that you not wait any longer.

He keeps an aardvark as a pet.

He'll get sloppy.

She is buying the computer.

Root likes soccer and music.

I didn't find anything.

Car manufacturing is carried out by computer-programmed robots in place of human workers.

Writers often use a pseudonym.

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No one knows how the Great Pyramid of Giza was built.


I just got home.

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I saw some cars in the parking lot.

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You bring me to life...

Sid thinks martial arts are silly.

I have a lot to do today, so if you don't mind, I'd like to have this discussion at another time.

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I had intended to visit the temple last week.


The hotel lobby is very busy.


Be very careful with this.

Her kids are in bed.

Jianyun obviously doesn't like Serdar.